How to start an assignment

Writing down the beginning of your assignment is one of the best ways to get yourself motivated. In many instances, students procrastinate because they have trouble deciding how their papers will start. The result is often a rush to beat the deadline, which is very avoidable. By formulating the first few words, you build momentum to finish the rest of the task. You will find it much easier to write your assignments in the future once you know how to write the first few words.

An assignment introduction is one of the essential parts of the entire paper. It sets the pace for the essay and lets the reader know what to expect as they move along. A great introduction captivates the person and makes them want to read more or at least find out what the paper is about. When writing your essay, you will need to keep this in mind and practice as often as possible. Beginning your paper, the right way will involve a combination of both clarity as well as brevity. At the same time, your introduction has to be comprehensive enough and not leave the reader with more questions than answers.

How to make your introduction captivating

A great way to ensure your work fits this description is to start with a first draft. Write down everything without editing it first. Then, reread the paragraph and remove any unnecessary details. Make your sentences brief and direct, and check to see that you have covered all you needed.

Different types of assignments take various formats in the introduction. A simple essay that is not too long will only require a paragraph or two for the introduction. Then, it would help if you went right to the subject of your work. If not, you risk leaving less space to cover the other vital parts of your essay. On the other hand, longer assignments have a comprehensive introduction divided into smaller sections. For example, a research paper introduction will cover things like your theory and some background information on the topic. The aim here is to make the reader familiar with the subject of your paper as possible. Here, you will need to spend a lot more time on the introduction, and it will occupy almost as much space as the other chapters in your work.

Writing clear introduction for your paper

For a brief introduction to a short paper, first understand your assignment and decide the direction you want to take with it. You have to be very clear on what your essay will cover from the beginning to the end. Without that, the introduction might come across as unclear, and it will not captivate the audience. Once you are decided on how your paper will look, you can then draft a brief overview. Introductions are not meant to have too many details, so keep it simple. The aim is to have the reader know what to expect from start to finish. Use one or two paragraphs to avoid congestion on your paper.

For a more extended introduction to a case study or research paper, you first need to outline every section and know what all of them will cover. For example, the hypothesis will list out the theory you are seeking to prove or disprove. An article like background information, on the other hand, contains a broader explanation of the subject you are studying. Knowing all the parts, you have to cover is vital before you begin your research. Then, you can collect the information you need and write down the introduction. One page should be enough, but you can use up to three. Since the format differs with every assignment and the instructions you receive, ensure you clarify that your work has been done correctly. You can use a sample from your instructor.

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