How to resubmit an assignment on Blackboard

There are many ways to submit your assignments, whether you are making a soft copy or printing it out. Submitting your work is the final step to completing your assignment. It is important to give yourself enough time to do this in case you come across any obstacles. With sufficient time, you can check your work for errors, pass it through an online plagiarism checker, and make sure it looks very neat. Do all this before the deadline passes because late tasks are often penalized, and you will get lower grades. When submitting the assignment, check the platform that was listed in your instructions and make sure your details are correct.

Using Blackboard to submit individual and group assignments

Blackboard is an online platform used by instructors and students to give assignment questions and return the completed work. On Blackboard, students can view the details of the paper and use that to guide how they will approach the project. Using the same platform to resubmit the work is efficient, and it saves a lot of time for both the students and the course instructor. To submit your work here, you have to make sure it is in the right format and that your font and structure do not change in the process. Here are a few steps on how to do that.

Before you start to create your assignment, check to see whether the final product will be compatible with the application. On Blackboard, it is best to submit your work in pdf form to avoid changes in your formatting and paper structure. You can easily go from word to pdf using software like Office 365. Once you have established what application you will use to write, you can then move to locate your instructions.

Checking the assignment instructions for marking

Find your assignment on Blackboard by first logging into your university account and clicking on the specific course you are taking. If the work had been posted, it should appear on that page. Click on the assignment and verify the details. Check to see if your work matches what was required and that you have answered the question correctly. Additionally, if your work will be marked anonymously, you must not include your details on the paper while handing it in. Please remove them and use your identification number only. Whether you are submitting an individual or a group assignment, the process is the same. That is why you should only submit the work once. Agree in advance as to who in your group will do this to avoid repetition.

On the assignment instructions page, the option for submission will appear. You will have two alternatives, to either text the submission or upload a file. Unless you are typing out your assignments on that platform, you should skip this part and move to the upload area. That is the better option because you will have written and structured your work well in advance, giving you time to check for errors and rectify them. Assuming your document is on a personal computer, click on the browse button and search for where your file is stored. Please note that the file should not be open on your computer. Otherwise, it will not upload. Also, files being uploaded on Blackboard should not have any special characters in the file name, so check for this while completing the assignments.

Uploading and submitting multiple files

Once the file is uploaded, you can click on the browse button again and add another file. Once you are done, you may also add any additional comments for the recipient on the work you have submitted. Finally, click on the submit button and wait until the process ends before leaving the page. Ensure that you have good internet connectivity to avoid interruptions that might corrupt your file. Once the submission process is complete, you are good to go.

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